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Handmade High Quality Kitchens

Our kitchens are handmade in our workshop and fitted by our craftsmen in your own home to your specification.

We use only traditional materials and high quality wood (redwood, oak, mahogany, maple, beech, cherry, tulip, walnut, sapele, etc).

Prices for our hand made bespoke kitchens start at £10,000 offering a "unique to you design" and will remain beautiful for many years.

When we make the kitchens we do not use flat packed carcasses. The units are made to exactly fit the dimensions of your kitchen with any configuration of doors and shelving at any desired height, no space is wasted. The kitchen world is the customers oyster. Surfaces and worktops can be solid engineered hardwood, granite, stone, concrete, corian, slate, zinc, copper and stainless. This list is not necessarily comprehensive. Appliances you buy and we fit. Services, gas and electric are built in and hidden but easy access is given. The immediate impression is that of an original kitchen of the finest quality.

Should there be a requirement for FLOOD RESISTANT bases and doors then we can offer an engineered timber called Accoya that is guaranteed against rot and warping for 25 years, even after numerous flood events. This is popular with insurance companies. Normally only stainless steel offers this guarantee which is more expensive and not so attractive. The workmanship is of course superb and the design can be from the inherently traditional to modern contemporary.