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Dorset Joinery make stunning staircases that can only be described as a classic use of timber and the highest skill levels. Our stairs have been shown to significantly increase the value of the property. Using a combination of the latest specialist software and traditional methods used for over a hundred years and rapidly being lost to posterity.

We are able to manufacture all styles including extra wide, curved and spiral staircases, space-saver, 2 girder systems, hanging and cantilever stairs to your specification or Architects drawing..

We can supply a range of stair parts, balusters, newels, spindles and handrails etc.

One Two
Cantilever 1 Cantilever 2
Cantilever 3  Cantilever 4
Three Four
Five Six
Spiral 1 Spiral 2
Spiral 3 Spiral 4
Spiral 5 Spiral 6
Nine Ten
Eleven Twelve
Thirteen Fourteen
Fifteen Sixteen
Seventeen Eighteen
nineteen Twenty
T Shaped Stairs Underside
POA Stairs You Might Want
Curved Stair Curved Apron
Curved String Curved string 2
Rear Stairs Martello
Curved Stairs Martello Martello Stairs 7 
Martello Martello
Open Riser 1
On Site

The assembling of the landing balustrading on site showing the formers for the elliptical flight down to the ground floor
Acute Stairs 2 Acute Angle Stairs
Walnut set 1 Walnut Set 1 
Walnut set 2 Walnut set 2

Cellar Stairs  
Under Stairs Drawers 
Wardrobe under Stairs  
Stone stairs Stone stairs